Heating and Solar energy

We have invested heavily in our business over the last 9 years to help improve the environment .  We believe that we are the first conference centre in Herefordshire to be powered by solar panels AND a Biomass Boiler that uses waste wood from our farm.The use of the biomass has reduced our reliance on oil from 100% to less than 10% – if any at all.  This makes for a very Eco-friendly conference experience. Carbon mileage can also be off-set with the 70 acres of orchards that have been planted on the farm since 2009.

Precision Farming

On the farm we use SOYL Mapping to give us a more targeted approach to the use of fertilisers. The results are then put onto a digital map format. This process of mapping out the field’s dimensions, and relaying them to the tractor’s computer, helps us to have a more targeted approach to the use of fertilisers, phosphates and potash-and most importantly it avoids wastage.

Recycling Farmyard manures

We use our farmyard manure on the fields as well as chicken litter. For some, this may prove to be a rather pungent smell, but it soon passes. The major advantages is that it can be applied to the standing crop in early spring when it can readily absorb the nitrogen that is available from the manures. Another benefit of using farmyard manures and chicken litter is that it greatly reduces our reliance on oil based fertilisers.