#ThankfulThursday: Wyevale Nurseries

Today is #ThankfulThursday and marks the first in our campaign of blog posts which will spotlight a local business that we are thankful for!!

First up is the wonderful Wyevale Nurseries, based at King’s Acre, Hereford.

Wyevale Nurseries is one of the largest family-run wholesale nurseries in the UK. Bought by horticulturist and entrepreneur Harry Williamson in 1928, the nursery was established in 1930. It became the company it is today under the leadership of his son, Peter, and is now being run by the 3rd generation of Williamsons’, Heather and Simeon.

The Williamsons’ saw the opportunity to sell their product to an undeveloped retail market, creating one of the first garden centres, which was then followed by a chain. In 1987, the retail side needed to expand and the 19 garden centres were sold as a PLC.

The family then turned its focus to Wyevale Nurseries Ltd. Uniquely, it continues to be a family-run business and despite 86 years of trading and change, the company’s commitment to quality products and dedication to supreme customer service remain the same.

Wyevale Nurseries has a significant product range and is regularly introducing new plants. It offers a large variety of trees, shrubs, hedging, herbaceous and specimen plants to garden centres, landscape contractors, local authorities, foresters and landowners.

Most recently, the nursery has generously donated a rare native tree called the Whitty Pear or Sorb Tree also known as the ‘True Service Tree’, Sorbus Domestica, to Eastnor Castle following a suggestion made by the Hereford Botanical Society. The tree was actually planted using the very same spade once used by Queen Mary in 1937 when she planted an English Oak in the castle grounds. Earlier this month Wyevale also loaned loaned a range of topical herbaceous perennials, shrubs and ferns to the Highgrove Garden Festival which took place from the 11th – 16th April. And as part of the 400th anniversary celebrations of William Shakespeare, the nurseries were asked to supply 4,500 plants to an independent charity restoring the Knot Garden, part of the historic Grade II listed Park and Garden surrounding the site of Shakespeare’s family home in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Thank you, Wyevale, for 86 years of fantastic service – please give us another 86! #ThankfulThursday