The Farm

Information for our Producers

For those within the farming industry we offer the opportunity to come to a farm that combines practical farming alongside conservation to see how they sit side by side (even with the often conflicting issues that arise).

Practical farming – We strive to run a farm that is both economical and realistic. We all have to work within the constraints of price, regulation, time and weather. In no way are we perfect, or see ourselves as better than the next man. We welcome groups onto the farm to discuss current topics affecting their business or the industry. We aim to provide information where at all possible, but also hope to gain from others to take our business forward.

With this in mind, over the last number of years we have moved towards a greener style of farming, but in no way organic. (refer to Leaf on our Conservation & Schools page)

Business and farming groups

We are able to offer a greater in-depth study of all the subjects mentioned above. As already indicated, the list is endless. We are able to discuss either whole days or half days to groups of all sizes, eg. Supermarkets or smaller retailers. These will be organisations who may well sell farming produce in any form but wish to have a day on a farm to get a better insight as to the product they sell and give more practical information to their consumers when asked. Please contact us regarding packages and dates.


On the farm we have a number of different machines that allow us to undertake seasonal work eg. the combine, which allows us to harvest our crops at the optimum time, both for moisture and quality.

The drill and discs are both made in Sweden by Vaderstat. These allow us to cover more ground, thereby using less diesel but also drilling the crop safely. The drill will plant all of our crops on the farm.

The crop sprayer is used to apply products to the crop. The products help them to grow and protect them from diseases and pests. We have our sprayer tested and MOT’d to industry standards. This gives us the confidence to apply the products at the proper rate and time. We are members of NORSO and ACCS, which are standards to which we have to adhere, both as operators and producers. (And we take advice from an agronomist).