Info for Hauliers


  1. The farm is open for deliveries or collections between 07:30hrs – 17:00hrs, Monday to Friday.
  2. All drivers/haulage companies to give prior notice of no less 12 hours where possible.
  3. All drivers must wear PPE – ie. High visibility jacket and safety shoes.
  4. No reversing unless authorised.
  5. Never stand behind the tailgate when releasing the pin.
  6. Remember to drop the body of your lorry down before moving off.
  7. Always follow the one-way system as shown on this page.
  8. Site speed limit is 5mph
  9. No smoking, eating or drinking outside grain store.
  10. No emptying of cab contents onto yard – loading will cease until the driver cleans up afterwards.
  11. No drivers to enter Grain store unless authorised to do so – beware of slippery floors in and around the grain store.
  12. No working at height unless authorised by Lower House Farms staff.
  13. No unauthorised overnight stops

Farm Office Tel: 01531 670730 ~ Mobile: 07767 478144
Lower House Farm, Canon Frome, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2TG